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Since its creation in 1999, WENEOS (formerly known as HelioScreen) has established itself as the benchmark laboratory specializing in the evaluation of sun protection for cosmetic products. As a leader in the development of alternative solar testing methods, WENEOS is actively involved in the elaboration of international solar protection standards, demonstrating our commitment to research, innovation and the continuous improvement of our testing processes.

Our dedication to traceability and quality in sunscreen testing reaffirms our position as a pioneer in the cosmetics sector, offering our customers world-class scientific expertise. With years of experience in sun protection evaluation, WENEOS is your trusted partner, guaranteeing the efficacy and safety of sun protection products thanks to cutting-edge, reliable testing methods.

As head of WENEOS, I’m proud to be leading a revolution in sun protection assessment. Our vision combines innovation and scientific rigor, with a strong commitment to research and development. Investing passionately in the future, we shape global standards, ensuring superior, reliable sun protection for all.

Sébastien MIKSA

General Manager

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To passionately support our customers around the world in their reliable and sincere assessment of the sun protection properties of cosmetic and dermatological products.

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Maintain a high quality and technical standard to meet the requirements of all our stakeholders.

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Innovate and act in the development, implementation and respect of solar methods in order to remain the global benchmark.

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Create a healthy work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, appreciation, professional fulfillment, trust and well-being.

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Foster a responsible and sustainable culture, by placing respect for the environment, business ethics and social commitment at the heart of our activities.

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Sébastien MIKSA

General Manager


Solar Laboratory Manager

Laurie-Anne LION

Sales & Marketing Manager

Marion MIKSA

Administration & CSR Manager

Maxence LEROND

Quality & Technical Manager

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Sales Development Manager

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General Services & Production Technician


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Cosmetics Efficiency Manager


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Sales Apprentice

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