Our overall CSR policy

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Weneos (formerly HelioScreen) aims to contribute to a reliable and sincere assessment of the sun protection properties of cosmetic products. Our identity and reputation are based on strong Values and Ethical Principles.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integrated approach that aims to align our company’s activities with ethical, social and environmental principles. It recognizes that our impact goes beyond profits and encompasses our relationships with stakeholders and our environment. As a company committed to fostering a respectful, equitable and inclusive work environment, we recognize that diversity of perspectives, experiences and identities is essential to our success.

Weneos (formerly HelioScreen) is therefore naturally committed to adopting a proactive Ethical and CSR approach to create sustainable value and contribute positively to communities and the planet.

Find out more about our CSR commitments and objectives on our Zei profile.

The three ESG pillars (Environmental, Social and Governance) are central criteria for measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of corporate investments. Here is a brief description of each pillar:


This pillar assesses how the company affects the environment, including waste management, conservation of natural resources, and reduction of carbon emissions. It aims to promote practices that minimize negative environmental impact.


This pillar examines how a company manages its relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which it operates. It focuses on worker well-being, human rights and community involvement.


This pillar concerns a company’s internal governance, including management structure, ethical practices, internal audits and transparency. It ensures that companies are managed fairly and responsibly.

Our values are our strength.

They are our fundamental beliefs that guide our choices, actions and attitudes. Our values represent what we consider important at Weneos (formerly HelioScreen). They influence our behavior by determining what we consider fair, meaningful and worthy of attention.

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Passion for customers

We are determined to exceed expectations and build mutual trust with every customer. They are the driving force behind our decisions and actions.

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Sustainable performance

We are committed to the pursuit of operational efficiency, innovation and growth, while taking steps to minimize the negative impact on society and the planet.

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Respect and integrity

We firmly believe that by cultivating mutual respect, sincerity and integrity, we foster collaboration and diversity of ideas, propelling our collective success.

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We believe that by encouraging creativity and pushing conventional limits, we can achieve sustainable innovation towards a future of progress and success.

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Solar expertise

Solar expertise is the bedrock of our corporate values, reflecting our commitment to excellence and in-depth knowledge of our field.