Sun protection evaluation in vitro & in vivo

With over 25 years’ experience dedicated solely to the evaluation of sun protection, WENEOS has a team of specialized experts and draws on one of the largest fleets of state-of-the-art equipment to offer a vast selection of tests. These tests are carried out with full reproducibility and in compliance with the most recent international standards issued by :

  • International standards (in accordance with ISO guidelines),
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines,
  • Cosmetics Europe guidelines (formerly COLIPA).


WENEOS also participates in the BIPEA inter-laboratory program and is an active member of standards committees:

  • In France: AFNOR/S91K/GT07 – Sun protection products
  • European Union: CEN/TC 392/WG 4 – Working group on efficacy including sunscreens
  • International: ISO/TC 217/WG 7 – SUN PROTECTION TEST METHODS

UV evaluation


Sun Protection Factor - UVB


UVA Protection Factor - PPD

Critical Wavelength


Spectral photostability

Static | Dynamic

Absorbance spectrum

In vitro method

Beyond UV


In vitro method

Ultra-Long UVA

In vitro method

Blue Light

In vitro method


In vitro method

Infrared (IR)

In vitro method

Full Spectrum

In vitro method


Water resistance

in vitro | in vivo

Sweat resistance

In vitro method

Sand resistance

In vitro method

Rub resistance

In vitro method

Wet Skin Application

In vitro method

Extreme conditions

In vitro method


In vitro method | Long-lasting | 4h - 8h

Immediate protection

In vitro method