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WENEOS (formerly HelioScreen) aims to contribute to a reliable and sincere assessment of the sun protection properties of cosmetic products. Our identity and reputation are based on strong Values and Ethical Principles.

To create a global framework of responsibility and commitment that transcends organizational boundaries, an Ethics & CSR Charter has been designed to apply to all levels and aspects from management to employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and external stakeholders. It guides the behavior and decisions of every individual within WENEOS, establishing ethical standards and responsible practices that must be respected.

We see Ethics and CSR as a compass that steers our course towards a sustainable future, and we firmly believe that our success goes beyond financial figures. Our impact on society, the environment and individuals is just as important.

Ethics & CSR Charter

Our objectives

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Creating Shared Value

We aim to generate economic results while having a positive impact on our stakeholders and society in general.

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Promoting environmental sustainability

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by adopting environmentally-friendly business practices.

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Respecting human rights

We uphold human rights and ensure that our activities do not result in human rights violations.

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Supporting local communities

We are committed to supporting local communities through initiatives and projects that improve their well-being.

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Maintaining Exemplary Ethics

We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all our business interactions and operations.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We attach great importance to creating a workplace where every individual is valued and has the opportunity to contribute fully to our common mission.

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Promoting transparency

We promote transparency in the communication of our CSR practices and results.

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Innovating for Change

We encourage innovation to develop new sustainable solutions and contribute to the positive evolution of society.

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