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Made in France

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The very essence of our company lies in our commitment to “Made in France”. From the very start of our company, there was a firm commitment to fully controlling the provision of our services and products on a national level, thus guaranteeing high quality.

Adopting a Made in France approach also enables us to play an active role in the economic development of our home region, supporting local employment and the economy. Today, we are proud to say that 100% of our industrial production is based in France, a sign of our unwavering commitment to French excellence.

We go even further in our selection of suppliers and subcontractors, favoring local companies (products, service providers, etc.) with equivalent criteria (quality and price).

Finally, our research sector, located entirely in France and mainly in the Hauts-de-France region, underlines our conviction that innovation and international success can take root on French soil.

Our services and products all over France

Made in France” contributes to accelerating the reindustrialization of regions, preserving local jobs, promoting quality products, and meeting France’s carbon footprint reduction targets.

According to the Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE), a product claiming to be made in France must (1) derive a significant part of its value from one or more manufacturing stages located in France, and (2) have undergone its last substantial transformation in France.

In this sense, we are proud to announce that all our services (except subcontracting) and products are made in France.

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of our Research is carried out in France


of our products are made in France


of our employees are in France