Molded PMMA plate Helioplate HD6

Through our knowledge and expertise, WENEOS has developed the Helioplate HD6, a revolution in the field of substrates for sun protection evaluation, marking the advent of the world’s first patented molded PMMA substrate. Meticulously engineered using an exclusive molding process, the Helioplate HD6 substrate is synonymous with quality and precision, guaranteeing the reproducible roughness essential for reliable in vitro absorbance measurements.

Accompanied by a quality certificate, each Helioplate HD6 substrate ensures compliance with international standards such as ISO 24443:2021, ISO/DIS 23675, ISO/CD 23698 and others, making this substrate indispensable for the accurate assessment of Sun Protection Factors(SPF), UVA protection(UVAPF), and more. Designed to be UV-transparent, non-fluorescent, photostable and inert to the various ingredients tested, Helioplate HD6 substrate stands out as the solution of choice for professionals demanding the highest quality in their solar analyses.

Optimized for use with robotic spreading system
robotized spreading system, the Helioplate HD6 substrate facilitates uniform and precise application of suncare products, increasing the reproducibility and reliability of test results. This combination of technical innovation and standards compliance makes Helioplate HD6 the reference molded PMMA substrate for laboratories and research institutes dedicated to the advancement of suncare.

roughness (Ra)

quality certificate


compliance with solar standards

Product information

Directions for use

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA ) substrate (plate) on which the solar product will be applied for absorbance measurements.

When using this substrate, it should be handled by the edges and moved using a support (metallic support) to keep the surface temperature as stable as possible.

The droplets should be applied evenly (equidistantly) to the rough surface of the PMMA plate, as shown in the diagram below:

Gouttelette pmma

The sun protection product is applied to a new untreated rough PMMA sheet with the rough side up (use only once, cannot be cleaned) by mass, at an application rate of 1.3 mg/cm² (±1.6%) according to ISO standards or 0.75 mg/cm² according to FDA 2011.

Given an application area of 47 mm x 47 mm, the quantity applied is 28.7 mg (ISO standard) or 16.5 mg (FDA standard).

The product can be spread manually or robotically, depending on the standard used, using the SPREADMASTER. The product should be spread in a two-phase process with circular and then linear movement cycles, as shown in the diagram below, for example:

Etalement plaque PMMA

For all types of product, the treated sample must be left to dry for a set time in the dark at a controlled temperature (using the THERMASTER) before proceeding to the next steps (spectrophotometric measurement, UV exposure, etc.).

Technical information


DimensionsL: 50 mm x W width : 50 mm x H : 1.5 mm
Weight4.5 g for one plate
PackagingQuantity of 50 plates
  • ISO/DIS 23675 – In vitro SPF
  • ISO/CD 23698 – HDRS
  • ISO 24443:2021 – UVAPF in vitro
  • FDA monograph 2011 – Broad Spectrum
  • Boots Star Rating system 2011 – UVA/UVB ratio

Rough surface (parameters)

  • Ra (µm) = 4.853 ± 0.501
  • Rv (µm) = 13.042 ± 0.989
  • Rdq (°) = 11.122 ± 2.032
  • A1 (µm2 mm-1) = 239.750 ± 70.165
  • Ssc (1/μm) = 0.033 ± 0.021
  • Vvv (mm3/mm2) = 1.044.10-4 ± 9.76.10-5

Optical property

  • 290 nm: > 60% T
  • 300 nm: > 69% T
  • 320 nm: > 81% T
Chemical substances
  • Cadmium and cadmium compounds: ABSENCE
  • Hexavalent chromium compounds : ABSENCE
  • Lead and lead compounds: ABSENCE
  • Mercury and mercury compounds: ABSENCE
  • Kerosene chloride (short caine) : ABSENCE
  • Polychlorinated naphthalene (with three or more chlorines) : ABSENCE
  • Asbestos : ABSENCE
  • Specific azo compounds: ABSENCE
  • Ozone-depleting substances: ABSENCE
  • Radioactive substances: ABSENCE
Conditions of use
  • Temperature : [5° – 45°C]
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Do not leave in a high temperature or high humidity area.
  • Do not allow it to come into contact with other rubber and plastic products over long periods of time
Environmental features


  • Plate: PMMA
  • Packaging: PE (recyclable)

Made in France

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified environment

Patented manufacturing

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