Protection Immediate

After applying the sun protection product, most people in the sun protection industry recommend a waiting time of around 15 min to 30 min before exposure to the sun, to ensure the stability of the sun protection provided by the product.

However, some consumers are increasingly attracted to suncare products that can be applied at any time without the need to wait before exposure. The concept of immediate protection would seem to guarantee equivalent sun protection as soon as the product is applied. In other words, it allows the user to skip the waiting stage before exposure to the sun.

In order to determine and justify this claim of immediate protection, WENEOS has developed an in vitro method based on theevolution of protection in the very first minutes of use of the suncare product, while taking photostabilityinto account to weight sun protection.

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We can assess the sun protection of your products in full compliance with official methods, or claim the properties of your products through exclusive tests developed by WENEOS.

Immediate protection - In vitro

WENEOS a développé une nouvelle méthode in vitro pour déterminer de manière fiable la protection immédiate des produits solaires à travers une mesure de l'évolution du FPS dans les premières minutes d'utilisation.

(réf. HeNOW)

Méthode publiée : En cours

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