Distribution of new HDRS devices

Non-invasive SPF methods for hybrid diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (HDRS)in accordance with the proposed standard ISO/CD 23698are currently evaluated as alternative to in vivo SPF tests to provide UVAPF and SPF values while eliminating the ethical and safety considerations present with current in vivo erythema test methods.

Solar Light has developed this revolutionary technology, the DRS Polychromatic (Poly602) and DRS Monochromatic (Mono602) systems, which can be used today as in vivo screening tools for development purposes.

As the world leader in SPF measurement, Solar Light has developed the highest-performing DRS instruments on the market, with product research, formulation and clinical testing in mind. HDRSplus™ software is designed specifically for a clinical trial laboratory environment and simplifies all HDRS calculations.


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