New SPREADMASTER, more precise and more compact

10 years ago, we revolutionized the market for in vitro evaluation of sun protection with robotized spreading using the HD-SPREADMASTER. Its ability to ensure a high level of reproducibility was one of the biggest breakthroughs, and paved the way for the standardization of in vitro SPF according to ISO/DIS 23675.

With over 10 years of feedback from our laboratory and our customers, we have made many significant improvements. Discover our new SPREADMASTER, the latest innovation in the world of sun protection evaluation. This improved version is designed to meet the needs of professionals who demand unrivalled precision in the application of suncare products. Smaller, lighter and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the SPREADMASTER offers improved performance that redefines market standards, with an accuracy of 0.005 mm (compared with 0.1 mm for the previous model).

The table below summarizes the differences between the versions:


Old version


New version


Precision0.1 mm repeatability on X, Y and Z axes0.005 mm repeatability on X, Y and Z axes

L: 520 mm (+ offset 130 mm screen and feet)

P: 650 (+ offset 50 mm feet)

H: 1590 mm

L: 317 mm

P: 687 mm

H: 583 mm

Weight110 kg29 kg
Power consumption100 W on average40 W on average
Shipping/Approx. 90% reduction in kgCO2e per shipment thanks to reduced weight and size.


With its ability to spread solar products evenly on molded PMMA
substrates (HD6)
sandblasted (SB6)
the SPREADMASTER ensures reproducibility and precise measurement of sun protection, facilitating research and development of new, effective products. Fully compliant with solar standards such as ISO 24443:2021, ISO/DIS 23675, ISO/CD 23698 and others, making this robot indispensable for the accurate assessment of Sun Protection Factors(SPF), UVA protection(UVAPF), and more.

Its compact design makes it ideal for use in laboratories where space is at a premium, while its light weight allows easy handling and enhanced portability.